Tuesday, February 12, 2008

ImagineFX #27 + Portfolio

This past month has been a very busy and eventful one for me! For one, some of my digital artworks and a short interview with me is featured in the digital art magazine ImagineFX issue #27! This issue has a feature on manga art, so I am happy my artwork is able to be shown in this particular issue. One of my enjoyed art styles to create works in is of a manga/anime influence.

This issue has already been released in the UK (United Kingdom) for a month so far but should be out here in stores in Canada and USA now. So do check it out in your local Chapters or bookstore!

In other good news, I have been busy creating new artworks and designs specially for my portfolio. You may visit my online portfolio and view my demo reel here at this link:


For us 3rd years, we are currently applying for internships for this summer, so I figured this would be a good opportunity to create new artworks and push my design and colour work further in my portfolio.

For this portfolio, since it is very self-directed, I wanted to create works that reflect subjects I am interested in as well as show my technical skill. And of course, create artworks I would have fun making.

Fashion piques my interest. I had an enjoyable time designing and illustrating each girl in this set of 6.

Mermaids have always been a favourite pastime for me to draw. i love how gesture, elegance, and flow can be expressed in the figure of a mermaid design. Hence the creation of this set. I enjoyed working with colours in this one.

Here are some girl concept designs for my 4th year film pre-production in progress. I wanted to play with different shapes and types of personalities conveyed.

I have always been interested and drawn to the hanbok, a Korean traditional dress. I love the colours and look of it, so I took this opportunity to be able to draw it here.

And something much more different. Still working with shapes in the design, but also trying to incorporate some graphic elements in the background to compliment the character. I am inspired by artists that do this really well and are able to add more information to their character with this approach.

Creating this portfolio has been a great experience for me. From planning, researching, executing, and putting it altogether to the final pieces in the portfolio and demo reel.